FREMIET, Emmanuel

Paris 1824 - Paris 1910

Maker: Barbedienne

Jeanne d'Arc

Joan of Arc, Maiden of Orleans

original model 1874, cast 1924

bronze sculpture with copper flag on granite base

equestrian statue(tte)

Photo credit: ph. Wikimedia/Ozma1981

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  • The sculpture was donated to the city of Portland by Henry Waldo Coe, for whom the circle is named
  • 1925, May 30, Memorial Day, dedicated
  • Located Coe Traffic Circle Northeast 39th & N.E. Glison Streets


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  • Wikipedia,,_Portland,_Oregon, accessed 4 December 2015:
    The Joan of Arc statue was added to Coe Circle in 1925. It was one of four statues given by Henry Waldo Coe to the city of Portland. It was made from the original molds of Emmanuel Frémiet's statue at the Place des Pyramides, which Coe saw on a visit to France. Portland's Arc statue arrived from France in 1924 and was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1925, honoring the Doughboys of World War I.