HOUDON, Jean-Antoine

Versailles, Yvelines 1741 - Paris 1828

Information given by Tamara Préaud, honorary archivist at the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres, June 19, 2013: edition by Sèvres starting from 1893 (for the World's Columbian exposition in Chicago).

Maker: Sèvres, Manufacture nationale de

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

edited in 1905, after a model c. 1778

soft-paste porcelain


Dimensions (HxWxD): 14 x 13 x 10 in.

stamped on left shoulder rear: S / 1905 [in triangle] G L
signed and dated on right shoulder: Houdon A. 1778
inscribed on rear center: Franklin

Acc. No.: 905.1322.1

Credit Line: The White House Historical Association (White House Collection)

Photo credit:, May 8, 2013

© Artist : public domain


  • 1905, Gift of the French Republic


  •, May 8, 2013
  • The White House Historical Association website, (accessed June 25, 2019)


  • The White House Historical Association website (accessed June 25, 2019):
    This bust of Benjamin Franklin is by the National Porcelain Factory of Sèvres after the work of sculptor Jean Antoine Houdon.
    Franklin was a well-known author, inventor and philosopher who was also one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He also served as the representative of the United States in France during the Revolutionary War. Houdon was renowned for his busts of famous politicians of the time.
    This bust is made of unglazed porcelain. The factory was established in 1738 and became the royal factory in 1759. It remains closely tied to the French state today and is run by the Ministry of Culture.