Eu, Seine-Maritime 1612 or 1614 - Paris 1686

Cérès éplorée

Weeping Ceres or Ceres searching for Persephone

designed in 1652, cast probably 1652-1670s



Dimensions (HxWxD): 21 14 x 11 x 9 78 in.

on top of base next to left foot, in red: 93A

Acc. No.: 1989.44.1

Credit Line: Patrons' Permanent Fund

Photo credit: Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington

© Artist:


  • 1985, 10 May, New York, Sotheby's sale, n. 204 (Purchased by Michael Hall Fine Arts, New York)
  • New York, Michael Hall Fine Arts
  • 1989, 8 September, Purchased by National Gallery of Art, Washington


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  • Bronze by Anguier, Ceres, about 1700, M.1-1970, after the model of 1652 (NGA Washington, 1989.44.1), in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
    Bronze by Anguier, Ceres, bronze, after 1652, n. 85'65, in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
    Bronze attributed to Arnold Houbraken, after Michel Anguier, Ceres, red chalk, c. 1675-1719, in the British Museum, London.
    The only other cast of Ceres featuring a square base, late 18th century, 54.696, in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.


  • Curatorial file in NGA, 21 July 2011:
    In 1652, shortly after his return from Rome, Michel Anguier made a set of models for six or seven bronze statuettes of the Olympian gods.