Eu, Seine-Maritime 1612 or 1614 - Paris 1686



second half of 17th century

bronze on marble base


Dimensions (HxWxD): H. with base: 29; base: 6 34 x 5 18; weight: 40 lb

Acc. No.: 14.40.690

Credit Line: Bequest of Benjamin Altman, 1913

Photo credit:, May 13, 2011

© Artist : public domain


  • Berlin, Hainauer Collection, cat. no. 109
  • 1913, Bequest of Benjamin Altman


  • 1897 Bode
    Wilhelm von Bode, Die Sammlung Oscar Hainauer, Berlin, 1897, no. 109
  • 1976 Wardropper
    Ian Wardropper, "Michel Anguier's series of bronze gods and goddesses", Marsyas, 1976, XVIII, p. 23-36, pl. VI, fig. 1

Related works

  • This bronze is after Anguier's marble figure of Amphitrite made around 1680 for the Bosquet des Dômes at Versailles and now at the Louvre.
    A bronze approximately the same size (21 pouces) was sold at the Bélisard Sale in Paris in 1783.
    A terracotta model for a bronze statuette of this subject appears in one of the plates of the Cabinet de Girardon engraved by Charpentier & Chevallier about 1706-1710 with the following caption : "Modèle d'une Amphitrite de bronze faite par Michel Anguier".
    The design of this figure was probably created by Anguier as early as 1652, when he modeled a series of six bronze statuettes of Gods and Goddesses for M. de Montarsis, jeweler to the King.
    Other examples of this figure are in Dresden and in various private collections.
    Other versions, H. 30-40 cm:
    - Dresden, Skulpturensammlung
    - Braunschweig, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum
    - New York, Knoedler & Co. (1968)
    - Paris, musée des Arts décoratifs
    - Saint-Petersburg, Hermitage (paired with Bacchus by Granier)
    - Charles C. Dent Collection.
    Other versions, H. 50-60 cm:
    - Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe
    - Paris, musée du Louvre
    - Stockholm, Nationalmuseum
    - New York, Knoedler & Co. (1968)
    - Paris, musée du Petit Palais (paired with Bacchus)
    - Munich, Olsen Collection (paired with Pluto)
    Other versions, height unknown:
    - Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Cabinet des médailles
    - Paris, musée Carnavalet (paired with Neptune)
    - Crozat Collection
    - London, Heim Gallery (1970)